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Mobile Medical Care

Our mobile medical specialty vehicles are essentially a rolling medical office. These vehicles are instrumental in any medical outreach program.
Our healthcare clinics are outfitted with the latest technology and custom built to meet all of your specifications. We can design waiting rooms, storage cabinets, and administrative areas for your staff to work comfortably and effectively. 
We understands the importance of delivering quality health care regardless of where it is being administered. Your patients can receive the same careful attention inside a mobile medical clinic as they would in a more traditional general practice or clinical setting.

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Military Training & Simulation

Wassel Corporation has over twenty years of experience in managing, designing, developing, and deploying Combat Training Center (CTC) instrumentation systems, including live, constructive, and virtual training and simulation. Whether at combat training centers, home stations or on urban terrains, force-on-force realistic training has become an essential tool for training troops and their commanders.  Wassel Corporation provides state-of-the-art training and simulation systems and tools.

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Port & Border Security

Securing global commerce arriving at seaports, airports, and land crossings is an important, complex, and challenging undertaking. It is imperative to identify security threats while facilitating the legitimate flow of commerce and ensuring the ability to rapidly adapt to future threats. We work with Decision Sciences International Corporation, developer of the groundbreaking Multi-Mode Passive Detection System. This system incorporates revolutionary technology capable of passively detecting, identifying, locating radiological and nuclear materials (shielded or unshielded) as well as explosives and narcotics.

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Aviation & Aerospace

We offer engineering and technical support services in both aviation and aerospace, focusing on military and commercial aircraft custom design, modification, testing, operation, training, instrumentation and certification. Our team is committed to developing new solutions ensuring we provide comprehensive solutions that make Wassel Corporation an invaluable resource for our customers.

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We turn challenges into opportunities.

Mobile Health Clinics Provide Care Anywhere

Wassel Corporation is a major provider of specialty vehicle, mobile clinics, bloodmobiles, mobile classrooms, mobile libraries, mobile command posts and more. Your patients can receive the same careful attention inside a mobile medical clinic as they would in a more traditional general practice or clinical setting.

Military Operations on Urban Terrain

MOUT simulation is a turnkey live training solution. It replicates tactical complexities unique to urban terrain at MOUT facilities which include modular structures built specifically for mission rehearsal by special operations units.

Program Management

Achieving the strategic plan and strategic vision of an organization usually requires long-term programs that consist of various individual projects. The program governance and program management plan define how those projects will be executed.

Aviation Onboard Data Interface

Wassel Corporation offers engineering, technical support Rotary aircraft tactical engagement training allows troops to train like they fight, in a realistic battlefield environment. Direct and indirect fire weapons are simulated. The onboard smart interface with the weapons systems actively tracks and transmits data to and from the ground station.

Mobile Health Clinics And Command Center

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Blood Mobiles

We craft quality bloodmobiles that serve as an excellent mobile blood collection vehicle or blood donation center. Our bloodmobiles are equipped with everything necessary for successful blood donation procedures.

Mobile Command Centers

Since these vehicles need to function on the same level as a central office would, they’re often thoroughly equipped with industry-standard technology. Put simply, you’re putting your main center of operations on the road. Our Custom Command Centers are designed to handle anything from local emergencies to major disasters.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Our alternative fuel vehicles and battery power systems push the boundaries of innovation—and help the environment! All our builds are fully customized with your specific needs in mind, so if you're simply looking for an alternative to gas and diesel generators with electric or solar power.

Testing And Vaccination

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of innovation, adaptability, perseverance, and equity, not just in the medical field, but across industries. In that spirit, Wassel Corp. Specialty Vehicles presents its revolutionary line of fully customizable mobile testing and vaccination units.

Mobile Health Clinics

The Power of Training & Simulation

Program Management

Advanced Solutions for Ports and Borders Security

Multi-Mode Passive Detection System

The MMPDS safely and efficiently protects points of entry from illicit transport of weapons, explosives and other contraband including alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs/narcotics, precious metals, human smuggling and numerous other items of interest and anomalies. MMPDS provides automatic detection and material discrimination without the use of ionizing radiation. And at a low operational cost.

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